What is WhatsApp marketing, and why should you outsource it

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used messenger apps. Almost everyone uses it for personal and professional use. This makes WhatsApp an essential element of digital marketing for any business. There are several ways through which WhatsApp can improve your lead generation and customer satisfaction. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the benefits of WhatsApp marketing, especially if an outsourced telemarketing agency manages it. 

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing uses WhatsApp as a messenger to interact with potential customers. This interaction can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen the bond and association of customers with the company. 

In today’s digital age, giving prompt responses to customers is integral. Many companies have sophisticated call centers, but some customers get annoyed by the hassle of calling to get information. Another way of support is through email, which is distant, and most customers dislike one-way communication. 

These situations led to the boom of WhatsApp marketing, allowing customers to chat with your representative in real-time instead of formal robotic communication. 

How WhatsApp marketing benefits businesses?

Prompt and Personal chat with customers

Majority of the customers that shop online have WhatsApp. This makes it easy to reach people and respond to their queries. WhatsApp chats are usually more casual and personal compared to other mediums. This helps customers feel comfortable in asking questions as they get quick responses. It also helps customers to make changes in orders or ask for details. 

Customers are very responsive

Since people use WhatsApp frequently, the chances of your marketing campaign reaching them are higher. While email marketing is an effective strategy, it is limited by speed compared to the instant messaging of WhatsApp. Since customers find the text easy, they quickly respond and look at your WhatsApp messages. It also helps to connect to customers to brief them about order status and cancellation process, saving time spent on calls. 

Increase in Sales

People have very short attention spans and are put off if they have to fill out hefty customer support forms or wait for customer representatives on calls. Many visitors to your website can become potential customers if you offer prompt responses using WhatsApp. People get a good first impression of your business and are likely to purchase on chat instead of on the website only. 

Low cost of WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing is still inexpensive as compared to other tools like phone calls. You only need an app and a stable internet connection to start marketing. Having a business account on WhatsApp enables you to take pictures and make contact details accessible to the public that contacts you. 

Makes your business stand out

WhatsApp improves your conversion rate as customers prefer companies that have a personal touch and are responsive. If you have an active WhatsApp, they will be able to associate with your company. It also makes you reachable compared to other options in the market that do not benefit from this marketing platform. 

Why outsource WhatsApp to telemarketing lead generation companies?

WhatsApp marketing will only bring growth to your company which is why you should take it seriously. You may think of managing it on your own, but outsourcing to a professional third-party call center is a good idea in the long run. This saves your time and resources and enables you to have a sophisticated customer response system. This will improve your customer relationships and broaden your scope through increased sales and conversions. 

Here is how outsourcing customer support will benefit your business:

Dedicated and Professional team

Digital marketing agencies have teams of experts in their field. These individuals are smart and have superior communication skills. When a customer connects to your WhatsApp, these professionals have your product know-how and will guide customers properly. Since the team is accountable to you, they constantly work on improving their skills and stay updated with the latest developments in your business.

Increased customer satisfaction

If you have an in-house sales team, they probably have many projects lined up. Assigning them the customer service job will only make things complicated for them. This may lead to delayed responses to customer queries which will put off potential customers who might not contact back soon. An external telemarketing company is prompt and works on building a good impression of your company. This improves customer interaction which can increase sales. 

Data Analysis and better insights

WhatsApp marketing is not limited to answering customer queries. You can post your portfolio and learn about insights if you have a business account. An outsourced company analyses your customer interaction and helps you work on future campaigns that target your audience effectively. This gives you a competitive advantage as you are aware of customer needs.

Advanced marketing tools

Most small-scale businesses work on a tight budget and cannot afford premium marketing tools. Lead generation agencies have access to the best software and analytics tools which helps them gain advanced insights. They use these tools to develop better strategies regarding customer response, advertisements, promotions, and customer support. Working with an agency helps your business have access to these tools. 

Resource management

As simple as it seems, there are many layers to effective WhatsApp marketing. Outsourcing this task saves you money and time spent on in-house training teams. This training is expensive and often futile because your marketing team will have other tasks. While you get to focus on building policies for future growth, outsourced professionals work on improving customer satisfaction. 

Keeping the advantages of WhatsApp marketing in mind, it is best for every small to medium business to have a strategic WhatsApp policy. inCall Systems offers various services, including customer management. Hiring them for your WhatsApp marketing will improve customer interaction and save you from wasting resources on in-house marketing teams. To get more details about their Call center services, hop on to the website to know how they can improve your business growth.

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