Customer Interaction

Facing customer dissatisfaction and frustration?                              Retain your customer through proactive relationship management and focus on attaining customer delight. Our customer engagement service uses a multi-touchpoints model to manage enquiries.

What We Believe In

The best way to retain customers is through proactive relationship management and focusing to attain customer delight. An integrated approach to customer contact is essential by adopting a multi-touchpoints model such as chats, emails, social media and feedback portals to manage enquiries to the various stakeholders in the company.

Inbound Services

A customer interaction centre integrates people, processes, technology, customer data, and soft skills expertise to give customers the benefit of a single point of contact. Also, it eliminates issues relating to customer frustration and dissatisfaction due to truncated communications and incomplete management of customer feedback. 

Build and optimize your customer relations with our subscription package which includes voice support.

Customer Interaction Services

inCall Systems operates a 140-seats full pledged contact centre in 2 locations with the capacity to expand and ramp up quickly to meet your requirements. Investing half a million dollars in the state of the art contact centre technology and CRM, we support you to build and optimize your customer relations in a multi-channel environment.

Drive deeper customer interaction with our individual services, excluding voice support.

Phone Leasing Services

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Email/SMS Blast Services

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Registration Page

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Making customer interaction an easy task

What makes the interaction between customers and the business even more engaging, is its effort to proactively execute the relationship management process that ensure customer’s happiness. And to do this, inCall Systems makes sure that its customer interaction center solutions are always on point, and yield maximum result. 

What we have in store to help our clients?

As a sure-shot solution, we make sure that our customer engagement model manages to serve our clients the best. Our model is an integrated approach, with which, our clients can focus on their customers’ delight through different modes like chats, email, and social media feedbacks, and so on.

How are inbound services helpful?

 Our inbound call centre in Singapore makes sure that we offer make sure that the customers have a point of contact for any query related to the product or service, technology, or any other process. This dramatically reduces the level of dissatisfaction that they have. 

We offer several packages for our clients

Our clients get the benefit of our inbound services that they can choose according to their needs. These packages include phone leasing services, email services, and registration page services. Each one offering a different set of service, such as, remote support and call recordings in the first package, email/SMS blast and WhatsApp messaging in second one, and landing page and downloadable registration list services for the third one. Henceforth, this makes us the best BPO in Singapore.

Should you choose us?

If you are looking for a company that can offer the best contact centre for your firm to keep your customers happy, you should choose us. What makes us the best customer service outsourcing in Singapore; is our diligence and knowledgeable aproach.

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