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Retain your customers by building a unique relationship that cannot be easily adapted. Capitalise on better relationship management to strengthen bonds and increase your share of customer wallet through knowing your customers better. Continue to maintain up-to-date contact information of your target audience (customers/prospects) for your mailing subscription list. Increase your business growth by maximizing ROI through savings on marketing costs spent on outdated database and keep your brand top of mind for your target audience.


Information and knowledge are the foundation of all customer-centric strategies and activities. At inCall Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of tools and applications that assists our clients to build this foundation effectively


DATABASE STRATEGY Database Design and Development

Database Collation

Database Usage

DATABASE  MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE Database Acquisition and Population

Database Profiling and Segmentation

Database Cleansing

DATABASE RENTAL Regional Corporate List

Regional Consumer List


DATA ANALYSIS Data Analytics

Data Mining