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Database Solutions

Having an accurate and well updated database is crucial for businesses to ensure that they are reaching out to the right customer. Increase your business growth by maximizing ROI through savings on marketing costs spent on outdated database and keep your brand top of mind for your target audience.

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Strong Database

We at inCall Systems pride ourselves over a strong set of database to make confident and data-driven results for organizations in the ASEAN region by carrying out monthly reviews and refresh our database to retain the highest quality of base while adhering to strict data standards; as we understand that many businesses find it overwhelming to improve and maintain their data quality. Hence, clients and prospects can look at leveraging on our database to:because we understand that many companies have difficulty improving and maintaining the quality of their data. Therefore, clients and potential prospects can consider leveraging on our database to:

Our Database Count

ASEAN Coverage (55% IT Contacts)
Over 100K Companies (Listed, Top Companies, Public Sectors)
Over 300K contacts (Up to Date)
Includes Latest Contacts with Emails, DID, Mobile
by Industries, by Target Audience, by Employee Size


No. Of Companies : 14,334
No. Of Contacts: 38,572
No. Of Contacts With Email: 5,139
No. Of Contacts With Mobile: 1,830


No. Of Companies : 40,355
No. Of Contacts: 182,947
No. Of Contacts With Email: 145,766
No. Of Contacts With Mobile: 20,552


No. Of Companies : 21,898
No. Of Contacts: 73,977
No. Of Contacts With Email: 31,312
No. Of Contacts With Mobile: 9,117


No. Of Companies : 17,026
No. Of Contacts: 50,017
No. Of Contacts With Email: 17,713
No. Of Contacts With Mobile: 4,450


No. Of Companies : 13,998
No. Of Contacts: 42,032
No. Of Contacts With Email: 13,046
No. Of Contacts With Mobile: 3,997


No. Of Companies : 11,252
No. Of Contacts: 26,201
No. Of Contacts With Email: 4,616
No. Of Contacts With Mobile: 5,581

What We Believe In

Retain your customers by building a unique relationship that cannot be easily adapted. Capitalise on better relationship management to strengthen bonds and increase your share of customer wallet through knowing your customers better.

Continue to maintain up-to-date contact information of your target audience (customers/prospects) for your mailing subscription list. At inCall Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of services that assist our clients and as a result, build this foundation effectively.

Data Cleansing

Reaching out to the wrong customers within your database? Let us ensure that your database is relevant to your business and free of errors.


Data Verification

Generate high ROI for your business with our high data quality, accuracy and adherence.

Data Marketability

Looking to maintain updated marketing communications for your business? We own a extensive pool contacts from different industries.

Why we claim to be the best and why you should choose us?

What makes inCall Systems the finest contender for lead generating services; is the fact that we always make sure our clients are always benefited by our expertise. As a top player in our field, we know that all the businesses have one thing in common; they all require experts who can not only generate the lead for them, but can also help them in maintaining their satisfaction. 

How we mastered the craft of customer retention?

One of the primary reasons that make us a top choice among firms is that we are experts at what we do. Our data management services in Singapore, consists of services like data verification and data cleansing that allows the clients to effectively keep watch at their customers. 

The data cleansing services that we offer, are efficient in weeding out the wrong/dead contact that lead the firm nowhere, and then the verification process makes sure that all that are left, are credible. Right from the beginning, we focused on a simple approach, and that’s why we could elegantly master it. 

Should you be worried about your firm?

If you’re worried about your customers’ delight, and if there’s a need for an expert, you should definitely be worried about your firm and hire us, as we have time and again turned out to be the best telemarketing inbound centre in Singapore.

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