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Our Clients

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Lead Generation Campaign

Gain contacts and reach out to prospects in the cyber security and network security industry.

Our Client Profile

An American multinational cyber security company with 70,000 enterprise customers.

Our Strategy

With the new norm of Working from Home (WFH), there is a heightened emphasis on cyber security and facilitating employees to work remotely.

 Hence, our team focused on creating meaningful conversations to discover opportunities that allow our Client to showcase their products to tackle these challenges.

More than USD360,000 revenue pipeline in a quarter

64 Sales Qualified Leads

2,338 calls made

163 Nurturing Leads for following quarter

630 Marketing Opt-Ins

51% are from companies with 100 – 500 employees

58% of the opt-ins are Managerial level and above

RSVP Webinar Campaign

A by-invitation only webinar that showcased the best practices around integrating automated performance tests and analysis into Client’s continuous delivery, with Azure DevOps.

Our Client Profile

A global software intelligence platform with 2,000 employees, across North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America.

Our Strategy

“We called in different timings to reach the target contacts specially in Singapore and Malaysia where most are working from home or on skeletal schedule.

Our resolution is to just keep calling these records until someone answers.”

25% from companies with 5,000 employees & above

48% from Singapore

23% from Indonesia

RSVP target achieved: 133%

Registrations by Companies: 82

Registrations by Contacts: 100

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