Is Cold Calling Relevant In 2021?

Cold calling has been around since the 1800s. However, after the creation of e-mails and social media, communication has drastically changed to leverage on these platforms. Emailing and advertising on social media have occupied a significant portion of marketing efforts in today’s businesses. This leads us to ponder if cold calling is still an effective strategy for lead generation.

Cold calling as part of b2b telemarketing is a great tool to convey solutions to the issues prospective customers may face. Once you have the right information about your prospect and the issue he or she faces, you can tailor your cold calls to offer solutions to their problems. This approach sparks interest in your product or service.

Besides, cold calls are also used by many b2b telemarketing companies, so if your company fails to take advantage of them, you fall behind your competitors and fail to achieve the maximum revenue possible. Calling also works where digital marketing fails. Not all prospects rely on the internet to obtain information. Your online marketing efforts may not get through to such customers, especially the older generation. In such cases, the potential customers may be willing to obtain information from you through cold calls.

Factors to bear in mind when using cold calls:
  • Cold calls should not always be a way to set appointments. They can also be viewed as a touchpoint. This is especially true when you are trying to access top authorities. Your calls will be attended by their gatekeepers first, but after one or two calls, they may be prompted to email or text you, which is a favourable situation for your business.
  • Prior to the call, identify the title of the people you are contacting, their job roles, region, local economy and competitors. This knowledge gives the impression that you know their issues and can provide them the right solutions.
  • Always share something useful while contacting your prospects. Your cold calling script should be crafted to let them gain knowledge applicable to their life or job. This will spark their interest to keep in touch with you, which will allow you to sell your services or products.

In conclusion, cold calls have always been and will be a useful tool for lead generation.

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